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Eco-Cultural Adventure Tours - Tofino

Owned and Operated by the Ahousaht Nation

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Whale Watching and Bear Watching

Explore Ahousaht Territories Through the Lens of the Ahousaht Nation

Ahous Adventures is an eco and cultural adventure tour company owned and operated by the Ahousaht Nation, that offers an exciting variety of excursions within Ahousaht haḥuułii (territorial lands, waters and culture) including Tofino tours to Hot Springs Cove, whale watching, and bear watching.

Ahous Adventures invites visitors to explore Ahousaht territories through the lens of the people who have lived on and stewarded these lands and waters since time immemorial.  On our Tofino excursions visitors will learn about Ahousaht’s Indigenous culture, language, history and storytelling. We believe by openly sharing Ahousaht knowledge, locals and visitors can deeply connect with the true spirit of this remarkable ecosystem. We hope our guests will feel called to honor the sacredness of the territories and seek to experience a guest-host relationship that is rooted in traditional Ahousaht values of respect and reciprocity. Visitors can offer the gifts of openness, patience and respect to Ahousaht in return.

Native Ahouht
a whale jumping out of the water with a mountain in the background
a close up of a seal
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